Running time: 60 min

Premiere: 2010

Different stories about the life and tragic fate of one of the most beautiful hotels on Slovenian coast have been spreading for a long time. Palace Hotel had long stagnated in tormenting silence and had spawned controversial debates in the media and in the thoughts of the tourists, who could observe the sad front of the closed hotel each year.

That mysticism, hidden behind the walls of this hotel pictured us the life stories of Franz Ferdinand, Josip Broz Tito, Marcello Mastroianni, Cicero, Orson Wells and many others…


Demeter Bitenc – hotel guest

Aljoša Kovačič – partisan

Manca Dorer – woman in red

Rok Vilčnik – doorman at the hotel and Marcello Mastroanni

Tit Kovačič – son

Vesna Zornik – singer

Director: Janja Glogovac

Producer: Marko Glogovac

Co-producers: VPK Slovenia, Pogon production, Vision Factory

In cooperation with: RTV Slovenija, Arkadena Studio

Executive producers: Tina Lemajic, Dejan Rotovnik



Directed by: Janja Glogovac

Script: Janja Glogovac, Rok Vilcnik

Director of photography: Igor Luther

Production designer: Natasa Rogelj

Costume designer: Monika Lorber

Makeup: Aleksandra Nikic

Producer: Marko Glogovac

Executive producers: Tina Lemajic, Dejan Rotovnik

Editing: Milos Kalusek

Music: Sebastjan Duh

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